Are you getting married in the U.S. in 2015?

Take a look at our calendar and map – we could be near you and photograph your wedding too!!!
Have Grasi Favoreto + Dani Correa photographing your wedding for a bargain AND have images of your wedding published at their photography book? 
Hello to all in love brides and grooms from the US.
Hope you are excited discovering the bridal world as much as we are discovering your bridal world.
Outwardly a wedding is the same all around: The union of two individuals.
Truth is, after 8 years photographing hundreds of weddings, even in the same little area, we learned that no 2 weddings are ever the same!
Then imagine how many awesome and interesting details we will be able to see on a wedding tour around a country so diverse as the US?
We love wedding photography as much as we love exploring and sharing. So during our wedding tour we will also collect words of wisdom from those who know best: local wedding vendors + local wedding bloggers.
We will interview experts that have weddings on their mind all day long and combine ideas into our wedding photography book.
We can't wait to share it all!!!

Give us colors and music 

Give us ginormous festivities or elopements 

Give us rustic, vintage, modern, simple, sophisticated, ethnic

Give us personality, smile, emotions and love 

And we'll give them all back to you with art.

This is our route and dates (flexible when dates are available) 


What is included on the special package? 
- 2 wedding photographers (Grasi Favoreto + Dani Correa)
- Full wedding coverage 
- All the images edited
- All full size images given on a flash drive
- Rights to print and share
- 2 artistic GIFS – See LOVE + GIFOLOGY

- A Love Session (one day before or after the wedding)
* We have intentionally set our prices low, so that small and large wedding budgets could have the equal opportunity to be a part of our Book.
What to do?
So if you are a bride or groom, or if you know of a couple, that is getting married around a date and place that can mach us just send a hello to
This is not a contest for the most unique or fabulous wedding. We will select by available dates and a couple that has a sweet love story to share.


All we need is an email with your basic wedding information to




Tell us a bit about your love story and your wedding plans.
From there, if we are available, we will follow up with a web meeting and assure your date with a contract.
Booking starts now!







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